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Beetles Gel Polish | Gel Nails at Home

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post! It’s that time again where spring is approaching quickly. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about doing gel nails at home nails. Who doesn’t love to have their nails done in time for a new season? Spring is one of my favourite times of the year to bring out the colours. Specifically, light pinks and neutrals. I love a refreshing pink to bring in the spring!

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One of my best purchases from Amazon was an LED nail lamp back in 2018. Since buying my LED lamp, I’ve been doing my gel nails at home, which has saved me loads of money. The LED lamp that I currently use is the Shany Cosmetics Professional Nail Gel UV Lamp. It’s a 36 Watt lamp with 4 LED lights that are easily replaceable.

The Gel Polish

The Formula

I’ve been looking for a gel polish that gave professional results. I stumbled upon the Beetles Gel Polish and decided to try out out due to the good reviews. The packaging is compact in a box fit with 6 slots for each colour. Each gel polish is 0.25 fluid oz (7.3ml). The consistency is thin, which gives a smooth and flawless application. What I liked about this gel polish was it didn’t wrinkle or bubble after curing under the LED lamp. This was a problem that I had with other gel polishes that were too thick in consistency. I also love that they aren’t strong in smell, but very mild and bearable.

Gel nails at home

The Colours

As I mentioned, I love pinks and neutrals. As soon as I saw this on Amazon, I knew I had to try it. I was very surprised to see the pigmentation form such light colours. Since they’re light colours, I recommend 2 coats for the best result. They blend evenly onto the nail, even on the first coat. I like that they have a wide variety of colours that come in packages of 6 or 20, ranging from chrome to matte. The polishes with glitter in them are densely packed where you can even get away with one coat. Once the top coat is applied, the surface is smooth to touch.

My Final Review

I would give this product a 4.5/5, reason being that they don’t come in packaging with polishes between 6 and 20. I would prefer to buy a package with 10 gel polishes instead of having to choose between a small amount or a large amount. The gel polishes themselves; I would rate 5/5. It truly does give professional result and I always get compliments when I do my nails with them. I would love to try the base and top coat of this brand to see how well it works with the polishes. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase the base and top coats because I already have some from a different brand. Even if you have a different brand of base and top coats, the Beetles Gel Polish still works amazingly.

If you have an LED lamp or thinking about purchasing one, I highly recommend trying these gel polishes if you want to achieve salon results!

Let’s chat in the comments. Do you do your own nails or do you prefer to go to the salon? What are your favourite spring colours for nails? Are you bold with your colours or subtle like me?

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful,


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  1. LOVE these polishes and lamp! Best Amazon purchase ever. You’re right on the nail polish bundles though. I want more than 6, but less than 20😫

    1. Right?! It’s so annoying. I ended up just buying 2 of the 6 pack.

      1. I bought a 6 pack and then bought a black and white which were bigger bottles. I didn’t even notice they were bigger when I ordered them!

      2. Ooooh. I’ll look into that cause I would like bigger sizes. Thanks for the info!

      3. Of course lovie💗

  2. I’ve always wanted to get an at home gel kit and these nail polishes look like they’d be a perfect addition with it!

    Katie |

    1. Oh yeah! It’s such a good investment!

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