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6 Lip Combos Using One Lip Liner

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend! What’s better than having a favourite lip product? Having a favourite lip product that can give you many different looks. I never use to be into lipstick and lip liners. The most I would ever wear was a lip gloss or tint. It was actually a few years ago that I got into lipsticks and lip liners and I’ve never regretted my decision since.

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One of my favourite lip liners is the MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil. The pigmentation and creaminess of these lip pencils are unbeatable; but paying $23 for each can get a bit pricey. I found an alternative to the MAC Lip Pencil that still gives me the same results. I’ve been loving the NYX Professional Lip Liner Pencil because it’s equally as pigmented as the MAC Lip Pencils and less than half the price! 

At less than $10, I have no problem purchasing multiple shade of this lip product. The only difference I’ve found is that the NYX Lip Liner Pencils aren’t as creamy as MAC’s Lip Pencils, but I easily fix that with applying a lip balm just before the lip liner to make it glide on easily. 

Below are 6 different lip combos using the NYX Professional Lip Liner Pencil in the colour Espresso as the base.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick- Crush 
Anastasia Beverly Hills-Crush & NYX Lip Liner- Espresso

A pink-brown nude combination that’s subtle yet effective. The liquid lipstick glides on so easily and dries within seconds. I love the matte look that it gives and the fact that it lasts all day. Smudge test approved!

2. MAC Matte Lipstick- Kinda Sexy 

nyx lip liner pencil
MAC Matte Lipstick- Kinda Sexy & NYX Lip Liner- Espresso

I’m a sucker for MAC lipsticks because I love their formula and who can resist that vanilla scent?! Kinda Sexy is a light pink-rose toned lipstick, but when paired with NYX-Espresso, it gives off a darker dusty-rose look on my lips. Like the ABH Liquid Lipstick, this combo dries matte, but still has some moisture to it.

3. MAC Satin Lipstick- Del Rio

nyx lip liner pencil
MAC Satin Lipstick- Del Rio & NYX Lip Liner- Espresso

I fell in love with Del Rio as soon as I tried it. Del Rio is a plum-brown colour that’s great for Fall and Winter looks. I often wear Del Rio alone, but if I want a deeper red lip, I’ll wear this with the NYX Espresso Lip Liner. When paired with the NYX lip liner, it gives a brownish burgundy look. 

4. MAC Lustre Lipstick- Hug Me

nyx lip liner pencil
MAC Lustre Lipstick- Hug Me & NYX Lip Liner- Espresso

Hug Me is a nude flesh-pink coloured lipstick. Very sheer and satiny on the lips, which is why I like to intensify it with a dark brown lip liner. Another great lip combo for Fall or for a dramatic eye look. 

5. MAC Lustre Lipstick- Touch

nyx lip liner pencil
MAC Lustre Lipstick- Touch & NYX Lip Liner-Espresso

I find this lipstick looks great on all skin tones, which is very rare. It’s a satin cinnamon colour with peach undertones and so pretty. It’s super similar to the Hug Me shade, so I’ll use them interchangeably. Again, when I wear the NYX lip liner with this, it gives a deeper brown tone.


6. NYX Butter Gloss- Cinnamon Roll

This wouldn’t be a proper lip product post if I didn’t include lip gloss in here. What better lip gloss than my go-to NYX Butter gloss in the colour cinnamon roll. I talk about this in my Top 5 NYX Products post. Wearing this alone is gorgeous, but I’m also obsessed with wearing this with the Espresso NXY Lip Liner. This glossy chocolate lip pairs nicely with a neutral eye look.

I love the versatility of using a dark liner with different shades of lipsticks/ lip glosses. The MAC Lip Pencil offers a very similar shade in the colour Chestnut, which I highly recommend. But If you’re not willing to spend $23, the NYX Lip Liner-Espresso won’t disappoint.

Let’s chat in then comments section! What are your favourite lip combinations? Are you more into lipsticks, lipglosses, or lip liners?

Thanks for reading and stay beautiful,

nyx lip liner pencil

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