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RICRIS Makeup Brush Cleaner

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One of the most important things for healthy skin is making sure your makeup brushes are cleaned regularly. Nothing is worse for your clean skin than applying makeup with dirt, oil and bacteria filled makeup brushes. Not only can it cause breakouts on the skin, but dirty makeup brushes can compromise the makeup application on your face.

I’ll admit, I don’t wash my makeup brushes as often as I should because of laziness and the time it takes to wash them. I’d spray them with an instant drying brush cleaner once a week, but I wouldn’t give them a deep clean regularly. I decided to invest in an automatic makeup brush cleaner in hopes of making brush cleaning easier and save me time.

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The Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner

I purchased the RICRIS Makeup Brush Cleaner from Amazon for only $24.98 (with Amazon prime). This automatic brush cleaner comes with 8 flexible head attachments for each makeup brush size, a stand for the head attachments, and a bowl with a splash guard. The best part about this makeup brush cleanser is that it dries your brushes in 30 seconds. Yes, I said 30 seconds. You can literally deep clean your brushes and use them right after! No more 24-hour drying periods.

The process

Today was a perfect day to try this automatic makeup brush cleaner out because my brushes were disgustingly dirty and in desperate need of a deep cleanse. I filled up the bowl with warm water to the max mark (about 1/3 full) and added my makeup brush shampoo. In order to get the best results, I agitated my brushes dunking and rubbing them on the bottom of the bowl. You should have seen all the makeup that came out of them. Gross! After thoroughly agitating them, I lifted the brush to the brim of the splash guard and turned the spinner on. The brushes fan out completely which allows them to dry in no time. After every brush I cleaned I had to say, “This is amazing!” I’ve never been so excited to clean my makeup brushes!

Who should use this?

If you’re like me and dread cleaning your makeup brushes because it takes forever, this automatic makeup brush cleaner is for you. With the spin brush accelerating the drying time, it’s perfect for makeup artists or those who wear makeup daily. I also think it would work great for people who have 20+ makeup brushes. It will cut your cleaning time in half. I did all my brushes in about 15 minutes, which blew my mind. 

Final thoughts

I 10/10 recommend The RICRIS Makeup Brush Cleaner. You can see by the results that my brushes look almost new again and the shape of the brushes weren’t compromised. I’m so glad I found this and decided to purchase it. I’ll definitely be using this often to clean my brushes. Who knew cleaning brushes could be so satisfying and fun? I’ll never go back to manually washing my brushes again.

Let’s chat in the comments. How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Have you thought about purchasing an automatic brush cleaner?

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