How to Highlight and Contour The Easy Way

How to Highlight and Contour The Easy Way| Free Guide

Highlighting and contouring have become huge in the makeup industry, but it can be difficult to achieve a natural look. Common problems people face is a harsh contour, not knowing the correct shade of concealer to use, contouring and highlighting in the wrong places and not contouring according to their face shape. Trust me, it sounds like a lot, but I’m going to give you tips on how to highlight and contour the easy way!

What is highlighting and contouring?

In order to know how to highlight and contour your face properly, you have to understand what this technique is first. Contouring and highlighter are used to give the effect of elongating or shortening certain features of your face.

Highlighting is essentially using a lighter concealer (2-3 shades lighter) on the areas of your face where light would naturally reflect. It brings focus to those key areas. This includes areas like the center of your forehead, center bridge of your nose, under eyes, and the center of your chin.

Contouring is the exact opposite. Contouring is done to hide areas and chisel your face into a shape you want. You can use a cream or powder-based contour (2-3 shades darker) to achieve the look. Generally, contour shades are applied on the perimeter of your forehead, under cheekbones, and outer bridge of your nose.

Highlight and Contour for Natural Look

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It’s common to see people to apply their contour and highlight shades on top of their foundation. Personally, I’ve found this way to make my makeup look too harsh and cakey. My recommendation to resolve this issue is to apply the highlight and contour shades underneath your foundation. Not only does it blend smoother, but it takes out the harsh lines of the contour. I use a stipple brush to blend into the contour lines and away from the highlight. This always gives me an airbrushed look.

Key steps for applying Highlight and Contour

  1. Apply your contour concealer first and lightly blend it out with a blending sponge as you apply. This gives the defined shape to your face without being too harsh.
  2. Apply your highlight concealer shade and allow it to dry down if it’s a liquid concealer a. Lightly blend out the harsh lines.
  3. Apply your foundation on last, avoiding the center of the highlighted and contoured areas.

Want to see how easy it is to highlight and contour? Click the button down below to get my free video guide where I show step-by-step instructions.

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