Huda Beauty brown obsessions eyeshadow palette

Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Happy Friday Beauties! There’s nothing like wearing rich brown neutrals on your eyes. They’re easy to pair other colours with, and they give such a natural look to your makeup. Not to mention, you can get away with wearing brown neutrals any time of the year! I’m definitely a sucker for rich brown eyeshadows, which is why I had to get my hands on the Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette. After trying out this palette for the first time, I’ve officially place this in my top 3 favourite eyeshadow palettes.

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The Packaging

I decided to try the Brown Obsessions Palette in Caramel (they also come in Toffee and Chocolate) because I love the warm tones of all 9 pans. Like all the Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes, this one comes in a compact, stylish, and easy to travel case. I’m obsessed with the cheetah print design and bold font on the front of the case.


The Eyeshadows

Huda Beauty brown obsessions eyeshadow palette Huda Beauty brown obsessions eyeshadow palette

Can you say pig-men-tation?! The colours are so pigmented that one swatch can cover the entire eye. I especially love that the shimmer/glitter pans are just as pigmented as the matte pans! Now let’s talk about these gorgeous hues of browns, golds, and burnt oranges. As soon as I opened the case, I fell in love. These colours can work for a natural “no makeup” look all the way to full glam. The flecks of glitter in the shimmer pan just take it to the next level for me cause I’m a glitter girl all the way.


The Application

Huda Beauty brown obsessions eyeshadow palette Huda Beauty brown obsessions eyeshadow palette

When I initially applied the first matte shade to my lids, the colour popped right away and blended out super easily into my crease. Next, I applied the shimmer/glitter shade and was blown away at how well the shimmer transferred to my eyes without having to mist my eyeshadow brushes. I literally had to stop and look in my mirror to believe how well it applied. The best part of all is there was absolutely no fall-out from both matte and shimmer shades.


My Final Thoughts

I love this palette, plain and simple. Huda Beauty Products have never disappointed me, and this is just one more to add to my list. You can also read about my review on the Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palette here. It’s well worth the $29.00 USD ($36.00 CAD) because it’ll last a very long time with the amount of pigmentation it gives. I’ll definitely be trying the Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Toffee and Chocolate next!

Let’s chat in the comments. Have you tried any of the Huda Beauty Obsession Palettes?

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