How To Save Money On Beauty Products

How To Save Money On Beauty Products

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that money doesn’t come by easily…at all. I definitely was a wasteful person when I think back to my teenage years. If I didn’t like a product or it didn’t work the way I expected, I just threw it out. It makes me cringe every time I think about it! Now that I know better, I’d love to share my tips with you on how to save money on beauty products.

How To Save Money On Beauty Products

1. Look For Beauty Product Dupes

There are so many makeup and skincare dupes that you can find at your local drugstore and work just like high-end brands. Don’t believe for a second that expensive means better. A lot of my go-to products are under $20 and are far better than my products $50 and up. Check out my post on drugstore makeup dupes to get some ideas of inexpensive products. Other great and inexpensive products I recommend are e.l.f. Cosmetics and The Ordinary Products.

2. Find Products That Can Be Used Different Ways

I’m always looking for a makeup product that can be used at least 2 different ways. I recently discovered that the NYX Lip Lingerie XXL can double up as a matte liquid lipstick and a cream blush that lasts all day! Since discovering this, I’ve been obsessed with applying a little to my cheeks.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Cut Open Those Tubes

I cut open the tubes of anything, literally! Toothpaste, Lotions, Skincare products, Makeup products, you name it. You’ll be shocked at how much extra product is at the bottom of these tubes that you’re throwing away. Get the most usage out of your products and your money’s worth.

4. Take Advantage Of A Rebates Program

Since I love online shopping, I never buy anything without the Rakuten app (formerly Ebates). Rakuten not only allows you to get discounts from he store but they have a percentage pf money that they offer back. I usually make bigger purchases using Rakuten and make a substantial amount of money back.

5. Buy Expensive Products Only During Big Sales

A great example of this is the annual Sephora VIB Sale. Since this sale comes around at the same time every year, I stock up on all my favourites and just make one big purchase. Take advantage of sales at your favourite stores instead of buying products at the time you need them. You’ll save a lot more money!

6. Make Your Own Skincare Products

A DIY mask is not only better for your skin (since you use all natural ingredients), but it saves you a load of money. One of my favourite DIY masks is a honey mask because of all the benefits to your skin. You can find my free Honey Mask Guide here. Another easy skincare product to make is an exfoliating scrub. You can easily mix coconut oil, honey, and sugar to make a body exfoliating scrub that costs less than $10.

Save Your Money!

Most of these companies are out to get your money, but don’t let them out smart you. Since I’ve been doing these simple tips, I’ve managed to save more money than I could’ve ever imagined. Thanks for reading my post on How To Save Money On Beauty Products and I hope you’re able to take away some money saving tips.

Tell me some of your saving habits in the comments that have helped significantly. I’d love to know!

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How to save money on beauty products


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